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Kanashii Born Arturo Macias Sanchez is a Bay Area  Rap and HipHop artist.  Kanashii has always been a firm believer in changing the culture of the music scene around him. Having a love for all different genres of music, Kanashii collaborates multiple, not relying on just a specific one. By blending melodies and rhythms together, he layers them perfectly throughout each of his pieces. He also finds a way to balance out the intricacies and simplistic aspects of his music very well. Kanashii also finds a way to crack comfort zones and break barriers as far as his content is concerned. Looking to build his name in the music world, Kanashii released his first ever track a few years back. Taking some time to refine his sound and perfect his craft, Kanashii is back in action. This year he will put his talents on full display with multiple projects and singles he has been working on. As of recent he has already dropped hit single “Charge”. This track is a true story about Kanashii and features his lasting potential within this industry.


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